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Interactive tour Bellelay 1790

Bellelay 1790
Bellelay 1790. © Reto Duriet
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A journey through time.

On December 15, 1797, French troops looted the abbey of Bellelay. All the goods were destroyed and many architectural elements were destroyed. Bellelay 1790 invites you to discover the daily life of the canons, the visitors, and the students of the boarding school through an interactive tour Pindex Tours that can be downloaded on your cell phone and 5 "long views" placed on various locations of the Bellelay site.

The "telescopes" offer a freeze-frame of the site as it was in 1790.

Pindex Tours is an interactive tour that plunges you into the daily life of the abbey through videos, photos, comments and sometimes piquant anecdotes of the everyday life at Bellelay during the second half of the 18th century.

Good to know
Good to know
    • Language : french, german
    • Download: The Pindex application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store for free. The tour is also free.
    • Schedule : The tour can be done at any time
    • The tour starts in the abbey's crypt
    • An internet connection is required for the visit
    • The application does not work on smartphones with a version prior to iOS 14.1 or Android 7.
    • Bus line : 41 Tavannes - Les Genevez
    • 35 Reconvilier - Glovelier
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Interactive tour Bellelay 1790
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