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Family-friendly accommodation, rainy day activities, riddle games for the whole family... Discover all the tips for an eventful family holiday in the Biel Seeland region.

Riddles for the whole family

Can you unmask the murderer?

Fun & Adventure, Bienne

Attention, families! Moritz the squirrel and his friend Charlotte the dipper will take you on an exciting journey of discovery through the Taubenloch gorge.

A universe of words and colors.

Fun & Adventure, Biel/Bienne

On the shores of Lake Biel/Bienne, follow the clues to find the lost key – on foot, by boat, train or Vinifuni.

Guided city tour, Biel/Bienne

Can you find the hidden stash?

Fun & Adventure, Biel/Bienne

60 minutes full of excitement, skills, patience, and fun.

Fun & Adventure, Aarberg-Lyss

Riddle fun for the whole family.

Fun & Adventure, Biel/Bienne

A great family outing from Biel/Bienne.

Get on your bikes and explore the beautiful Biel Seeland region with your family. Easy and short routes allow you to enjoy the landscape without getting too tired.

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Free activities
Museum, Biel/Bienne

Housed in the Cité du Temps building, the OMEGA museum invites visitors to discover the highlights of the famous brand, using a wide range of interactive experiences.

Immerse yourself in the colourful and playful world of the Swatch brand, whose museum is located on the second floor of the new Cité du Temps.

Fun & Adventure, Worben

The fishing park in Worben is a pure culinary experience and offers the possibility to fish his own supper.

Fun & Adventure, Bienne

Attention, families! Moritz the squirrel and his friend Charlotte the dipper will take you on an exciting journey of discovery through the Taubenloch gorge.

Zoo, Biel/Bienne

At the foot of the Boujean mountain, some 150 local animals have found a home.

Fun & Adventure, Selzach

When approaching the village, you can hear the clattering of the storks which have found a home in Altreu.

A universe of words and colors.

Do your children want to let off steam, play and make new friends? Find out where the best playgrounds of the region are!

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Family friendly restaurants
Restaurants, Biel/Bienne

Culinary delicacies at 930 m a.s.l.

Restaurants, Biel/Bienne

An attractive location on the central square in the centre of Biel, above the river Schüss.

Restaurants, Mörigen

Modern, cosy and uncomplicated atmosphere on beautiful Lake Biel.

Restaurants, Biel/Bienne

Typical seasonal brasserie dishes.

Restaurants, Biel/Bienne

Selective Swiss dishes served in the beautiful, historic vaulted cellard.

Restaurants, Biel/Bienne

L'Osteria is known for his superior pizza und pasta d'amore.

A place with a history where new stories are born.

Restaurants, Nidau

During summer, the Lago Lodge gardens are a meeting place for many people from Biel.

Restaurants, Erlach

A special experience in unique surroundings .

Restaurants, Studen BE

Unique tropical restaurant right on the shores of an idyllic forest pond with flamingos and a multitude of other aquatic birds.


Taubenloch Gorge
Biel/Bienne - Frinvillier

A hike through the mystical Taubenloch Gorge is a pleasure for the whole family.

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Fun activities
Fun & Adventure, Magglingen

Over waves and curves with non-motorised two-wheelers.

From CHF 15.- Sport & Leisure, Nidau

On the first urban golf course in the city of Biel/Bienne, you will discover a new variation of golf and enjoy yourself in a unique environment.

Fun & Adventure, Studen

Enjoy yourself and relax while playing mini golf on two of the most beautiful courses in Europe.

Fun & Adventure, Evilard

Fun & Adventure, Tschugg

Swin-Golf is a French invention, derived from old rural games - that makes it an ideal exercise for golfers.

Discover all the festivals and events that are perfect for a family day out. Not the right one? Find out more events in our events calendar.

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