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Watchmaker for a day


Create your own Swiss watch at the Initium watchmaking workshop in the Jura. Step by step, under the direction of a master watchmaker, you will assemble your watch using precious components. An unforgettable experience! Three introductory courses to choose from.

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Visit the Cité du Temps in Biel, which houses the Swatch and Omega museums, and discover the fascinating history of these two iconic Swiss watch brands. Then immerse yourself in the sweet world of chocolate at CHEZ Camille Bloch. With the Choc'o'Clock offer, you will enjoy a two-day stay and discover these two typically Swiss skills at a special price.

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Watchmaking heritage

Longines Museum

Visit the Longines Museum in the heart of the Chasseral Regional Park, in the Bernese Jura. The museum presents one of the most beautiful company histories of Swiss watchmaking and a cultural heritage marked by tradition, elegance and performance.

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Novel holidays throughout the Jura countryside

From Lake Biel to the Creux du Van: 3 days / 2 nights (individual package)

Unique in Switzerland! 1 night = free visit of the Neuchâtel region: museums, public transports, cruises, chairlift, bike rental!

Assemble your own watch and learn interesting details about the history of the watchmaking industry in the Jura.

Package "Assemble your own Swiss watch".

Slip into the skin of a watchmaker in this introductory workshop.

Enjoy a stay in an atmosphere worthy of the Far-West.

Enjoy the clean, fresh air and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and its five elements, either during a hike or a revitalizing stay off the beaten track.

In the heart of Biel’s old town: discover local products.

Between May and October, from 2 overnight stays in the Canton Jura, you receive a voucher by Jura Tourism for a one-hour trail ride on horseback.

Choc'o'Clock invites you to explore the fascinating worlds of watches and chocolate.

Get free public transport and benefit from numerous discounts on activities during your stay in the Jura region!

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