Patrimoine et terroir


The oldtwon Murten is situated on a hill at the Murtenlake.

Murten from the sky – Castle Side
Murten from the sky – Castle Side. © Fribourg Region
Its tranquil atmosphere and mild climate lends this historic medieval town in the heart of Switzerland a mediterranean feeling. whether you stop off in one of the cafés or stroll along the lake, Murten will not leave you jaded.

Good to know

Good to know

Of the 8,218 inhabitants, most speak German (83%) and a minority French (15%). Bilingualism is deeply rooted in the region.

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The region Lake Murten in autumn
The region Lake Murten in autumn. © Suisse Tourisme
City walls
City walls
Light Festival
Light Festival. © Kevin Piccand

Best-of city of Murten

Architecture et monuments | Here is a marvelous view of the Baroquestyled town of Murten, enhanced by the various arches, giving way to the arcades. In 17th/18th century it became a masterpiece of architecture.

Produits du Terroir | The Nidelkuchen is a cream cake the conception of which is totally unique. This pastry is produced in various bakeries in Murten.

Architecture et monuments | The rampart walls were built in several stages and from a variety of materials such as gravel, tuff and sandstone. The lower 15 layers of stone date from before the town’s construction (12th century).

Histoire | The story „The Elephant of Murten“ is based on a true incident, which happened in Murten 150 years ago.

Outdoor sport | For example for surfing, beach-volley, fishing.


Cultural and historical Murten.

Musées | From the ancient lake-dwellers to the Battle of Morat, in this former mill you will discover the history of the region. The museum's permanent exhibition evokes 150 years of archaeological digs on the shores of the Lake of Morat.

Visites | Discover our old town’s charm and dive into its surprising history while accompanied by one of our guides.

Visites | Visit the original battlegrounds and experience the battle from the perspective of Charles the Bold.

Visites | Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches".

Visites | With the brochure "Murten - Enjoy it" you go on a walk through the old town on your own. You will discover the most beautiful viewpoints of Murten, you will go on the unique walkable rampart walls and you will stroll through the arcades of the main street.

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