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Spectacular rugged skylines and gentle slopes down to the lakeside: the Jura & Three-Lakes region is full of contrasting landscapes, ideal for a gentle Sunday stroll or an exerting hike over several days.

Hike along the Jura heights in the Chasseral region
Hike along the Jura heights in the Chasseral region. © retoDuriet.com
Being lower and more accessible, the Jura massif is known as the ‘alternative to the Alps’. The unique landscape, with a character unlike any other, attracts hikers and nature-lovers. Running along the border between France and Switzerland from Basel to Geneva, its peaks offer fantastic views across lakes, the Swiss Central Plateau and beyond to the Alps to the south, and across the French plateau to the north.

The Jura Crest Trail (Chemin des Crêtes du Jura) comprises 16 stages through Switzerland, half of which are in the Jura & Three-Lakes region. The route passes through forests and pastures, leading to the Weissenstein and Chasseral, iconic summits of the Jura. It continues past the Creux du Van before rejoining the heights of northern Vaud. All along the trail hikers can stop in the mountain farm inns for which the Jura is famous to enjoy some refreshments or stay the night.

The Jura landscape is also marked by many gorges, formed with the patience of time. At the heart of summer hikers can enjoy the cool fresh air along the well signposted trails. 

The lakesides are also great places for a trip out; for example you can wander through the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve on the southern side of Lake Neuchâtel along its network of boardwalks. This protected area is the largest lake reserve in Switzerland and a small paradise for nature lovers, as it is a great place for observing fauna.

National route n°5

Jura Crest Trail

Discover the preserved splendour of the Jura along the mountain peak trail: 320km of marked paths, breath-taking views and wild nature. An unforgettable adventure for nature lovers!

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Cool Walking

A Hike in the Gorges

The Jura & Three-Lakes region is full of enchanting gorges hollowed out by the force of ancient rivers. Enjoy a cool hike through a gorge and marvel at the magnificent waterfalls!

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Walking With Kids

Family Hikes

Can’t get the kids motivated to go walking? Why not try a trail with activities along the way? Wooden statues, games or a quiz: come and discover our suggestions for walks specially designed with the family in mind.

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Looking for something off the beaten track? Then look no further! This offer mixes hiking with regional culinary delights, taking you along the Montoz summit and into its métairies (mountain farm inns), across the region’s flowering meadows and wooded pastures.

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This hike begins with the ascent through the Combe Tabeillon, a wild gorge you leave halfway to get to...

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A hike through the mystical Taubenloch Gorge is a pleasure for the whole family.

Follow the course of the Doubs and its contrasting landscapes.

To enjoy the fresh clean air as while strolling around Lake Neuchâtel.

A trail, dinosaur tracks, here is a part of history that does not let you indifferent.

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This trail, accessible to all and particularly to families, connects Mont-Soleil to Mont-Crosin.

The northern shores of the Bielersee (Lake Biel) are cultivated to a high degree with vines. The hike...

In an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, the Witches' Trail follows an itinerary in the surroundings of the medieval city.

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Local Métairies

Métairies are the farm inns typical of the Jura. Stop at one on your next hike in the region and enjoy a simple but tasty and revitalising meal – it’s an absolute must!

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