Le Grand Risoud Bike

Stage 1: Le Sentier – Le Sentier

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  • Length
    • 31 km
  • Ascents | Descents
    • 740 m | 740 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Technical | Fitness level
    • Medium | Easy
    Technical | Fitness level

Nº 995 Le Grand Risoud Bike

Stage 1: Le Sentier – Le Sentier

Head off into the wilderness in Le Sentier, continuing along the north shore of Lac de Joux to Les Charbonnières. While this section has excellent scenic views with a wonderful panorama across the lake and the Jura mountains behind it, it has nothing to do with wilderness.

But as soon as you start climbing in Charbonnières towards Petit Risoux, you will see fewer houses, the roads are smaller and finally on the hill in the woods there is nothing left of civilization except for the forest road. You pedal southwestwards along the national border and come across small wooden huts now and then. You might think this is the wilderness of Alaska or Canada, but the huts here are just a few kilometers instead of a few hundred kilometers apart.

Finally, the Marocaine hut is where you start heading back to civilization. A trail leads past Turque Hut almost directly to the centre of Le Sentier. After the foray into the near-wilderness, the village with a population of 3,000 seems like a big city.

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Good to know
Good to know
    • Signalization
    • This route is only signposted in one direction: Le Sentier–Le Lieu–Grand Crêt–Le Sentier
  • City start
    • Le Sentier
    City end
    • Le Sentier
    • 11 km
    • 20 km
    Dont singletrail
    • 8 km
    Height Difference
    • 740 m
    Height Difference Back
    • 740 m
    Technical requirements
    • Medium
    Physical requirements
    • Easy
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