Around Porrentruy

Porrentruy – Porrentruy

Around Porrentury
Around Porrentury
  • Length
    • 21 km
  • Ascents | Descents
    • 593 m | 593 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Technical | Fitness level
    • Family friendly | Easy
    Technical | Fitness level

Start out in Porrentruy to discover the plains of the Ajoie.

"Porrentruy. Spring 2012. Nature awakes from hibernation. The orchards are in full bloom and promise a rich harvest. The colza fields shine in brilliant yellow. Further away, an idle millwheel. We are pedaling away peacefully. Hard to believe that only yesterday we were skiing on the Saas-Fee glacier. It is incredible how different Switzerland can be from one place to the other. We really liked this little trip to the Ajoie."


Good to know
Good to know
    • This route corresponds to the mountain bike route no. 708. It is marked as such but can be easily done by regular bike (city bike).
    • Numerous restaurants in the villages along the route.
    • A visit of Porrentruy and its architectural sights is worthwhile as well.
  • City start
    • Porrentruy
    City end
    • Porrentruy
Jurassica Museum
Jurassica - Botanical garden
Hôtel-Dieu Museum
Circuit secret Porrentruy
Ô Vergers d'Ajoie
Porrentruy - Porrentruy
Porrentruy - Porrentruy
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