The Tabeillon Valley

Saignelégier – Glovelier

La Combe Tabeillon
La Combe Tabeillon
  • Length
    • 22 km
  • Ascents | Descents
    • 293 m | 770 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Duration
    • 5 h 30
  • Technical | Fitness level
    • Family friendly | Very easy
    Technical | Fitness level

From Saignelégier to Glovelier: a beautiful shaded route, cool conditions guaranteed.

"Five hours and forty minutes of walking is tiring, very tiring... One morning, just before autumn, with the map and the Jura Rando hiking guide in my rucksack, I take the Jura Railways train and get off with "the team of happy companions" at Saignelégier station. Our aim: to reach Glovelier via the Tabeillon Valley. Our first break, just after heading towards the Pond of the Plain de Saigne with its heathland roses: the Restaurant de la Combe, whose player-piano is worth a short stop by itself. This is the start of a wonderful trip to the valley of the Combe Tabeillon, whose densely wooded path is steeped in history. It leads us towards the pond of Bollement, at the end of which a sawmill once stood. Perhaps there was also a forgotten castle? This picturesque gorge invites you to stroll, daydream and awaken your senses. On a gentle slope, the descent to Glovelier presents us with scenery worthy of the age of smugglers. From there we returned home, but not before drinking a toast to our friendship."

Charly and his "happy companions"

Good to know
Good to know
    • Descent on a gentle slope along the Jura Railways line.
    • Don't miss: the ponds of Plain-de-Saigne and Bollement.
    • This walk is described in detail in the Jura Rando hiking guide "Franches-Montagnes et Clos du Doubs".
  • City start
    • Saignelégier
    City end
    • Glovelier
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Saignelégier - Glovelier
Saignelégier - Glovelier
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