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Night watchman tour with a twist

Night watchman tour with a twist – Explore the secret life of La Neuveville

Tours et détours du Guet
Tours et détours du Guet. © Stefan Weber
  • Place
    • La Neuveville

Discover La Neuveville and some of its secrets while listening to the fascinating stories told by La Neuveville's night watchman, impersonated by a storyteller. Once in charge of calling out the hour and keeping watch over the city – in particular to sound the alarm if there was a fire and to make sure that everyone was safe in their homes at nightfall – this figure, with eyes and ears everywhere, was always aware of what was going on around town. During the first part of the tour, you will be invited to listen to some of the tales picked up by the watchman during his rounds of the city, then you will take a walk yourself to see the spots where the events took place.

  • Prices
    • CHF 20.-
  • Student / AHV / AI
    • CHF 15.-
  • Children
    • CHF 10.-
Good to know
Good to know
    • Reservation and payment required, online or at the reception offices in Moutier, Saint-Imier or La Neuveville
    • Guided tours in french
Night watchman tour with a twist
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