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Castle Murten

Guided tour of Murten "The Original"
Guided tour of Murten "The Original"
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The castle dates to the time of Count Peter of Savoy II who ordered its construction in 1255. Under the castle gate, dating from 1516, much rebuilding took place.

Today’s castle is from 1755. Step through the entry and immediately look on the ground. You’ll find the outline, in stone, of the original castle water well. The tall quadrangular tower or the keep, known as the “Luegisland,” served as a watch tower for Adrian von Bubenberg so that he could oversee the Battle of Murten.
Following the reign of the Savoy, the castle served as a residence to the bailiffs from Bern and Fribourg. Throughout history, it also served as a hospital, prison and barracks. Today it houses the Canton of Fribourg’s Prefecture of the Lake District.
Every year in august and september the Murten Classics take place in the courtyard of the castle.

Castle Murten
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