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Youth Festival "Solennität"

The Youth Festival commemorates the 1476 Battle of Morat/Murten. The colorful Youth Festival features many activities and the finely decorated city fountains. This year, the party will be dedicated to students only. There will be no special program due to the pandemic.

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    • Morat

Floral decorated children’s floats glide through the town; with church celebrations, dancing, round dancing, games, crossbow shooting and a disco rounding out the day, Everyone meets in the evening at the “Solo-Pintli”, the fun place for cozy socializing around some food-specialties.

Murten has been celebrating its victory of the Swiss in the Battle of Murten in 1476 since the 16th century. Burgundy’s Charles the Bold suffered his second defeat against the Confederates and their allies in June 1476. Since the 19th century, this commemoration day developed into the Youth Festival which is annually celebrated on June 22nd.

Good to know
Good to know
    • 10.00 a.m. handing over of the flag in front of the Berntor school building, followed by the start of the parade.
    • 11.00 a.m Dances of the Primary Schoolchildren on the Kanonenmätteli
    • 2.00 p.m. Crossbow shooting
    • 3.00 p.m. Afternoon parade
    • 3.45 p.m. Dances OSRM/CORM, parade and flag delivery of the cadets Murten
Youth Festival "Solennität"
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