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The Factory Escape Game

The Factory Escape Game
The Factory Escape Game
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    • Courtételle

  • Recommended Duration
    • 1 h 0

Are you able to escape within 60 minutes?

The Factory Escape Game operates 4 escape rooms, 4 magic chests and 12 escape boxes to keep the friends of collaborative thinking on their toes.

Great decorations and total immersion in the world of Jumanji are guaranteed in this new room.
The subtle blend of mechanical and programmed puzzles is the result of the growing expertise of their designers.

The escape rooms:

Jungle! (for 2 to 6 players)
An amazing design and total immersion in the world of Jumanji are guaranteed in this room.

Gentleman Cambrioleur (for 3 to 6 players)
(French / German / English)
The tricky "Gentleman Cambrioleur" room puts the players in the role of New York police inspectors on a quest to find a famous pink diamond stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. There are no padlocks in this room, but teamwork is required if you want to find the precious gem hidden in a loft within the time allotted.

Lucie (for 2 to 5 players)
(French / German / English)
Horror is pre-programmed in the room "Lucie" of the Factory Escape Game. This room built with a gigantic budget is the result of a close collaboration between the team's designers, regional video artists and world-renowned visual and plastic designers. Total immersion and a great atmosphere are guaranteed for fans of this genre. Assemble your ghost-hunting team and take on Lucie and her enigmatic puzzles that are as intricate as they are ingenious.

Dinosauria by Biwi (for 2 to 6 players)
(French / German / English)
Can you save the dinosaur egg that is about to hatch and thus preserve our only chance to bring the dinosaurs back to life? We are counting on you as our last hope!

The magic chests:

La Bombe (the bomb)
(French / English)
60 minutes for the defusing of the explosive device.

Le Coffre du Sorcier (the sorcerer's chest)
(French / German / English)
60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and find the soul of the black magician.

Fairy Tale
(French / English)
60 minutes to help Merlin the Wizard find the key to the treasure chest.

(French / English)
60 minutes to solve the 5 chests and find the hidden treasure of the 4 legendary pirates.

Escape boxes:
The facility also offers escape boxes which can accommodate from 2 to 60 players at a time.
They are a perfect blend between a traditional escape room and the famous video game "The Room" on smartphones.
Do you enjoy competing with others? Come with several teams and try to reach the finish first. Otherwise come with your regular team and try to complete as many boxes as possible in 1 hour.

  • Prices per person
    2 players
    • CHF 100.-
  • 3 players
    • CHF 135.-
  • 4 players
    • CHF 160.-
  • 5 players
    • CHF 175.-
  • 6 players
    • CHF 192.-
Good to know
Good to know
    • Four escape rooms: “Gentleman Cambrioleur”, "Jungle", "Lucie" and "Dinosauria by Biwi"
    • �- Groups of 2 to 6 people
    • Reservations online or by phone
On site
On site
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    • Booking required
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The Factory Escape Game
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