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The addresses of car rental in the Grand Chasseral.

Since the Bernese Jura covers a fairly large area, it is very convenient to rent a car to visit the various tourist attractions spread throughout the territory. From La Neuveville to the Sikypark in Crémines, passing by the Chasseral and the Tour de Moron, nothing is more pleasant than being able to navigate freely in the whole region! In the Grand Chasseral, several garages offer their cars for rent. There are also Mobility CarSharing branches in Moutier, Tramelan and St-Imier.

Good to know
Good to know
    • There is a branch of Mobility CarSharing in Moutier, Tramelan and Saint-Imier.
    • Cars can be hired directly from airports or SBB stations (where you can even hire cars for just a few hours). For more information, see the airport websites and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) website.

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