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Giftbaskets from the Grand Chasseral

Paniers du terroir
Paniers du terroir. © Parc régional Chasseral

    Local specialities are made according to strict standards that are scrupulously respected by the makers because they know that the quality of their products depends on it.

    Local products of the Grand Chasseral are available in 3 different hampers
    Erguël (1/2 Tête de Moine, syrup, dried sausage, dried apples, jam, herbal tea, biscuits, toffees)
    Prévôté (1/2 Tête de Moine, syrup (3.5 dl), dried sausage, dried vegetables, dried apples, jelly, honey, toffees, biscuits, herbal tea)
    Chasseral (1/2 Tête de Moine, white or red wine, dried sausage, surprise vegetables, dried apples, dried vegetables, honey, jelly, biscuits, herbal tea, toffees)

    In addition, there exist two giftbags composed of 100% “Swiss Parks” products
    The Field giftbag (caramels, primrose or elderberry cordiale, boiled sausage, cheese from the Jura Montagne)
    The Monk giftbag (1/2 Tête de Moine, « Pavé des moines », Pinot Noir from La Cave de Berne)

    • Giftbaskets
      • CHF 54.-
    • Prévôté
      • CHF 69.-
    • Chasseral
      • CHF 86.-
    • giftbags
      The Field
      • CHF 24.-
    • The Monk
      • CHF 35.-
    Good to know
    Good to know
      • Each selection can be changed and personalised on request
      • The peasants union of the Grand Chasseral also offers Finger-Food Buffet with local specialities
    Giftbaskets from the Grand Chasseral
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