Sensitive nature - detox offer in free nature

Sensitive nature
Sensitive nature. © D Jameson Rage
  • Place
    • Les Bois

  • Recommended Duration
    • 3 h 0

Different topics and workshops are on offer, all to do with nature, plants, trees, the animals in their natural environments.

"Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your overflowing email inbox behind for a few hours, ignore the addictive apps on your smartphone or tablet, and escape from the demands of your agenda, the virtual junk, and all the other pressures we submit to, whether voluntarily or not…"

  • Prices per person
    Program "L'échapée-débranche"
    • CHF 120.-
Good to know
Good to know
    • Supplement for a meal, a snack, and beverages around the fire in the tipi: CHF 30.-.
    • Jura Escapades organize numerous activities: gourmet outings on a horse wagon, carriage conferences, dog-sledding, edible wild plants.
    • The program is offered during the summer (spring to autumn) upon reservation and can be booked by individual participants or groups.
On site
On site
  • Accessibility
    • Booking required
    • Accessible by public transport
  • Services
    • Suitable for groups
Sensitive nature - detox offer in free nature
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