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La Nouvelle Plage - group accommodation

Nouvelle Plage
Nouvelle Plage. © DR
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    • Estavayer-le-Lac


From: CHF 108.10.- / 2 people.
Number of places: 36 dormitory beds, 36 family tent beds.

Fancy a complete change of scenery on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel? Yes! Holidaymakers can sleep on the water’s edge in family tents while enjoying the sound of the waves and breathtaking views of the Jura range.

The family tents and dormitories are perfect for groups and families. The new beach at Estavayer-le-Lac offers the longest cable water-skiing installation in Switzerland, a beach volleyball court and several bars, restaurants and concerts “on the water”. Estavayer-le-Lac has everything you need to spend unique moments on the beach and in the surrounding region, such as the Grande Cariçaie, which comprises the entire southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel and includes eight nature reserves.

Wifi. Free parking.

Opening hours
Opening hours
  • From 10 Apr 2024 to 18 Oct 2024
  • Price per night (indicative price) - Dormitories
    • CHF 130.-
  • Maximum
    • CHF 160.-
  • Tourist taxes per person (>16)
    • CHF 3.-
  • Price per night (indicative price) - Family tent (Tourist taxes incl.
    Per 2 adults minimum
    • CHF 108.10
  • Per 2 adults maximum
    • CHF 148.10
Good to know
Good to know
    • Prices are provided as a guide. Please contact the accommodation providers directly as the Tourist Office does not keep a record of availability.
    • Dormitories : Tourist taxes not included.
    • Family tent : Tourist taxes included
    • Check in 14:00 / check out 10:00
La Nouvelle Plage - group accommodation
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