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Tour de Moron
Tour de Moron. © Guillaume Perret

    The Moron, which stretches from the Bellelay plateau to the Moutier region, is a paradise for walkers and cyclists.

    Culminating at an altitude of 1'336 meters, the Moron is a typical mountain of the Jura massif, with its ridge having a steep northern flank and a gently sloping southern flank. For hikers and bikers, the Moron is an ideal playground, as its ridge is relatively flat and has little difference in altitude from one end to the other. Looking south, visitors can admire the Tavannes Valley. At the bend of some paths, one can even admire the Chasseral and its antenna in the distance.

    Numerous footpaths line the Moron, which makes it possible to plan several different hiking routes. The Moron is also part of stage 5 of the regional route no. 80 of Suisse Mobile, the Via Jura. To the east, the Moron is reached via the pleasant Perrefitte gorge, along the path that runs alongside the "La Chalière" stream, with its small wooden bridges. To the north, it is the Petit-Val which borders the Moron. Here we find the site of Bellelay, famous for its Tête de Moine AOP cheese and its abbey church, which can still be visited today.