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Organic delights in Murten

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A walk of flavors in the old town of Murten

Organic flavours in Murten: a gourmet food and wine tour
Organic flavours in Murten: a gourmet food and wine tour. © Pierre Cuony Photographies
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On this culinary journey it's all about organic vegetables from the Seeland. In the heart of the old town of Murten, you will have the opportunity to discover organically produced delicacies from the region. Local top chefs will prepare unique vegetarian dishes from sustainable agriculture to pamper your palate. A culinary delight that harmonises perfectly with selected organic wines from the Vully.

A total of ten food stands ensure tasty and enjoyable breaks. A relaxed market atmosphere and good company among like-minded people is one of the highlights of this experience for all visitors.

In the interest of sustainability, all tableware will be reusable or at least compostable. In addition, all visitors will receive their personal glass and cutlery, which will be used during the journey through the old town of Murten.

Whether among friends, as a couple or with the family - Book your place now and experience the first edition of our organic delights event in Murten!

Opening hours
Opening hours
  • From 20 Sep 2024 to 21 Sep 2024
  • Friday
    • 16:30 - 23:00
  • Saturday
    • 15:30 - 23:00
  • Price
    Full Organic tasty EARLY BIRD
    • CHF 85.-
  • Organic tasty, without wine EARLY BIRD
    • CHF 65.-
  • Organic tasty for kids EARLY BIRD
    • CHF 40.-
  • Full Organic tasty
    • CHF 95.-
  • Organic tasty, without wine
    • CHF 75.-
  • Organic tasty for kids
    • CHF 50.-
Good to know
Good to know
    • Price details : 
    • Full organic tasty : 8 course menu, including water and wine accompaniments
    • Organic tasty without wine : 8 course menu, including water, without wine accompaniment
    • Organic tasty for kids : 5 course menu, water included
    • Various culinary stands:
    • 1 stand for the aperitif
    • 2 stands for starters
    • 2 stands for the main course
    • 1 stand for the dessert
    • 1 stand for the cheese
    • 1 stand for the choice of organic vegetables from the Seeland
    • 2 stands for the accompaniment of the wines
    • Starting point : In front of the Berne Gate
Organic delights in Murten
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