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Naturpark Chasseral

Located between vines and the peaks of the Jura mountain range, the Chasseral Regional Park offers unspoilt nature and landscapes divided by the region’s typical dry stone walls.

Crête de Chasseral
Crête de Chasseral. © Xavier Voirol

A beacon atop the mountain

Symbolised by its logo complete with the telecommunication antenna at the summit of the fourth-highest peak of the Jura range and visible from all sides, the Chasseral Park reveals its many faces. Meadows interspersed with woodland and dry stone walls, vineyards, gorges, plateaux and valleys follow each other in an opulent display by Mother Nature.

World-wide fame

Proud of their roots, the inhabitants of this region are pioneers of advanced technology. State-of-the-art watches or micro-mechanics but also famous wines, cheese and chocolates are sure-fire winners exported to all corners of the world. Discovering certified locally produced products from the Swiss Parks is a must.

A Park at a cultural cross-road

The Park and its region are located where different cultures meet: industry and craftsmanship, town and country - but in particular where French and German speaking regions of Switzerland intersect. The interface of these confrontations has shaped this region, making it fertile ground for development and cultural interchange.

Nature within easy reach
The Chasseral massif and its adjoining valleys can be easily explored on foot, bicycle, mountain bike or even on roller skates through the vineyards. A well-developed network of public transport in the form of trains, buses, boats and funicular railways brings visitors into the totally different world of the great outdoors in just a few minutes.

Farm restaurants - a new experience
Among the many experiences to be recommended in the region is the pleasure of recovering your breath on the terrace of a mountain inn, locally known as a “métairie” or “farm restaurant”, or alternatively in its wood-scented warmth of its fireside - an experience no-one should miss. It is when sampling one of these famous invigorating dishes that the visitor will truly appreciate the rustic charm of this attractive and unspoilt region.

Good to know
Good to know

The annual activities programme of the Chasseral Park with its detachable map is a mine of information on ideas for things for both visitors and local people to do in the Park.

Links & PDFs
Links & PDFs
Chasseral plates
Farm Restaurants, Renan

From Les Pontins, head towards Envers de Sonvilier and follow the signs until you reach the Métairie de la Gentiane.

Restaurants, Reconvilier

Chez Armon et Felix

Farm Restaurants, Sonceboz

Close to the Sonceboz motorway exit and therefore easy to reach, the Nideau Farm Restaurant serves a range of specialities including choucroute garnie.

Farm Restaurants, Péry

This restaurant can be reached from the centre of Péry. Head towards Montoz, then follow the footpath signs.

Farm Restaurants, Les Prés-d'Orvin

Located on the southern slopes of the Chasseral above Prés-d’Orvin, the Bison Ranch offers dishes made from bison meat as well as “Assiette Chasseral”.

Farm Restaurants, Les Pontins

The Métairie des Plânes is ideally located at the top of the Bugnenets-Savagnières ski area via Les Pontins.

Farm Restaurants, Cortébert

Located on the crest of the Chasseral, the Bois-Raiguel Farm Restaurant offers a range of specialities which include ham on the bone with rösti or the Assiette Chasseral.

Farm Restaurants, Montagne-Courtelary

Set below the peak of the Chasseral on its northern slopes, the Milieu de Bienne Farm Restaurant offers a variety of specialities which include grilled or roast sausages.

Take the pulse of the region with the different offers of the Chasseral Regional Park.

More infos

A gourmet hike.

From Chasseral to Les Prés-d'Orvin, this family hike follows the gentle slope of the Chasseral ridge.

In an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, the Witches' Trail follows an itinerary in the surroundings of the medieval city.

Nature, use of water in the region and local industry to discover between Saint-Imier and Courtelary.

This trail, accessible to all and particularly to families, connects Mont-Soleil to Mont-Crosin.

Family educational trail in the middle of nature.

Visit the region of the Anabaptists, who fled to the Jura hills since the end oft he 17th Century.

An impressive hike to the top of Chasseral with steps to climb.