Porrentruy, a former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Basel, is known for its imposing castle and the Réfous Tower, a massive old watchtower overlooking the old town.

Castle of Porrentruy
Castle of Porrentruy. © Martin Trouillat
Secret circuit
With its cobblestone streets and remarkable baroque-style buildings, the city can be easily discovered on foot, either during a guided visit or by taking the Secret Circuit. A digital badge lets you open the doors to unusual places that are normally not publicly accessible; the experience is enhanced by sound and light productions.
In addition, the Botanical Garden, one of the oldest in Switzerland, and the Swiss Fruits and Distillery Museum "Ô Vergers d'Ajoie" are to be discovered. 
Age of dinosaurs

Did you know that 150 million years ago the Jura was a tropical region where dinosaurs roamed? Today, a number of sites highlight this unique natural heritage. The JURASSICA Foundation offers activities and places to see for all ages, including the footprints on display at Dinotec, a theme path, the Banné excavation site, where children can dig for fossils, and the Museum of Natural History.

Not far away, the Préhisto-Parc at Réclère is also dedicated to these reptiles from the distant past and features life-size reproductions, which makes it a perfect destination for family outings.
Good to know
Good to know
    • The brochure "City walks" is a 1-hour itinerary for visiting the town on foot. Available at the tourist offices.
    • Also take a look at the section on visiting the town for guided tours.

150 million years ago, the Jura was populated by dinosaurs. Get to know this prehistoric world through many activities.

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Cultural Heritage

Circuit secret Porrentruy

Visit unusual places in Porrentruy along the «Secret Circuit».

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