A looping route starting from Courrendlin

  • Length

    • 14 km
  • Ascents | Descents

    • 744 m | 744 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Duration

    • 4 h 30 min
  • Technical | Fitness level

    • Sporty | Challenging
    Technical | Fitness level

Meet the Chêne des Bosses, a thousand-year-old oak tree.

"Taking this walk with my parents and sister, what really made an impression on me was the climb to Vellerat. Fortunately we had taken some water with us and the view from up there was fantastic. We took the opportunity to enjoy a picnic and grill some saveloys. On the way back down, we stopped at the Chêne des Bosses oak tree at Châtillon. It is a really huge tree and, according to the signpost, it would take seven men with outstretched arms to encircle its trunk. Indeed, there were four of us and we could scarcely manage half of it... The oak tree is so old that its trunk has had to be "repaired" in some places to stop it collapsing, a bit like a great-grandfather! I didn't know that trees could live to such an old age."

Aline, 14

Good to know

Good to know
    • Option to eat at Le Coq d'Or in Vellerat.
    • This walk is described in detail in the Jura Rando hiking guide "Delémont and its region".
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Val Terbi
Val Terbi. © Christof Sonderegger

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Chêne des Bosses
A looping route starting from Courrendlin
A looping route starting from Courrendlin

Natural sites

Chêne des Bosses

Châtillon is home to the oldest oak tree in Europe.

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Chêne des Bosses