La Randoline

La Randoline
  • Length

    • 12 km
  • Ascents | Descents

    • 325 m | 324 m
    Ascents | Descents
  • Duration

    • 3 h 30 min
  • Technical | Fitness level

    • Family friendly | Very easy
    Technical | Fitness level

Discover the area of Saignelégier and the pond La Gruère

On the trail between Saignelégier and La Gruère, hikers discover the typical features of a landscape that is very peculiar to the Franches-Montagnes plateau: undulating meadows interspersed with clumps of trees, dense pine forests, remote farms and rambling settlements where cattle and horses graze. Information panels on the history and geology, sightseeing, picnic areas and restaurants.

Good to know

Good to know
    • Shorter hinking trail from les Cerlatez (5.5km).
    • Restaurant : Auberge de la Couronne à la Theurre
    • Picnic site : Saignelégier, la Theurre, les Royes, la Tuilerie
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Etang de la Gruère
Etang de la Gruère. © Christof Sonderegger
Etang de la Gruère
Nature Centre
Auberge de la Couronne
La Randoline
La Randoline