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Under several domes, the Papiliorama takes you into a tropical climate where all kinds of animals, plants, insects and, of course, butterflies, live together.

Over 60 butterfly species from all over the world flutter around in this colourful tropical environment. As you walk through the Nocturama you may catch sight of nocturnal animals such as night monkeys, ocelots or anacondas. And to enable children (and adults) to have physical contact with the animals and not leave frustrated after simply observing tropical nature, the Papiliorama also provides a mini-zoo area where it is possible to stroke farm animals.

The Papiliorama is a state-approved Foundation whose vocation is to raise public awareness of the fate of tropical forests and biodiversity in general, by immersing the visitor into the very heart of its living exhibitions. A sister foundation of the Papiliorama (the ITCF) actually protects over 11'000 hectares (110 km2) of tropical nature in Belize in Central America.

Nocturama opens at 10am all year around. Last admission one hour before closing time.
Open 363 days a year - only closed the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Opening hours

Opening hours
  • From 31 Mar 2019 to 27 Oct 2019

  • Monday - Sunday

    • 09:00 - 18:00
  • From 28 Oct 2019 to 30 Mar 2020

  • Monday - Sunday

    • 10:00 - 17:00


  • Guided tours between 75 and 90 minutes (entrance fees not included)

    School classes

    • CHF 60.-
  • All other groups

    • CHF 120.-
  • Prices for groups

    Adults from 10 persons

    • CHF 16.-
  • Apprentices/students/OAP’s from 10 persons

    • CHF 16.-
  • Children from 4-15 y. from 10 persons

    • CHF 8.50
  • Individual prices


    • CHF 19.-
  • Apprentices/students/OAP’s

    • CHF 16.-
  • Children from 4-15 y.

    • CHF 9.50


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