Donkey rides, Courtelary

Walk with donkey, Courtelary
Walk with donkey, Courtelary. © Jura bernois Tourisme
  • Place

    • Courtelary
  • Recommended Duration

    • 3 h 0

Donkey rides adapted for children, without accompaniment.

“We felt like going on a nice relaxing walk, to get away from the stress of our everyday life, and Heidi Rüegg’s place was just the right place to go. After being given a quick few tips on how to lead the donkey, there we were, quietly strolling along in the countryside, breathing in the lovely fresh air and admiring all the little flowers. The children were enchanted to be riding along on the peaceful beast’s back. It was a delight ! »



  • To hire one donkey

    Per day

    • CHF 100.-
  • For a half day

    • CHF 50.-

On site

On site
  • Accessibility

    • Booking required
    • Suitable for families



Good to know

Good to know
    • Donkey rides, unescorted
    • Donkeys, being rather slow as well as friendly towards children, are particularly well-suited for beginner riders.
    • Only in the summer
    • 5-6 donkeys available, reservation required
    • The owners only speak German

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Donkey rides, Courtelary
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