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Ligerz | Gléresse
Ligerz | Gléresse. © Tourismus Biel Seeland | Stefan Weber
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Delicious wines have been produced in idyllic Ligerz (or Gléresse) on Lake Biel for more than a thousand years.

A wide variety of traditional and new organic grape varieties grow between the impressive drystone walls around Ligerz. Thanks to winegrowing that is close to nature, more and more endangered plants and animals such as birds, insects and reptiles are to be seen in the vineyards again.

But the wine cellars and stately houses also have exciting stories to tell. Why are there still working cable winches hanging in the dormers of the roof today? What was the function of an “autumn house” for the Bernese patricians and villagers? Why is there a “court” (Hof) in Ligerz (which is in Schafis) and why is the church not located in the village? How were the wine barrels “carried” across Lake Biel and the frozen ground? What is a “half-yield vine grower”? And why does the Vinifuni run to the Tessenberg plateau?

During a guided tour, you will find out all about these stories from the winegrowing village which is well worth a visit, as well as the secrets of viticulture then and now.

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Good to know
Good to know
    • Duration: 1 h 30 min.
    • Groups min. 10 persons / max. 25 persons
    • “Hof” museum of winegrowing.
    • Catering options.
    • Tour through the vineyards on the Viniterra train.
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On site
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