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Guided tours of Twann

Twann | Douanne
Twann | Douanne. © Tourismus Biel Seeland | Stefan Weber
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    • Twann
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The dreamy winegrowing village has the charm of a medieval town.

The historic winegrowing village of Twann is based on the left-hand banks of Lake Biel between Biel and La Neuveville. Winegrowing has been taking place in Twann since the 12th century and fishing since the Neolithic. Visitors can enjoy freshly caught fish at the cosy restaurants and sample a wide range of deliciouse local wines. During a guided tour you will learn more about winegrowing an this dreamy village.


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    Guided tour 1 hr.

    • CHF 100.-
  • Guided tour 1.5 hrs.

    • CHF 125.-

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On site
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Good to know

Good to know
    • Duration: 1 hr / 1 hr 30 min.
    • The house of Lake Biel wines is home to the regional wine information centre and the Federation of Lake Biel Winegrowers.
    • The official wine cellar, Viniterra.
    • A variety restaurants and accommodation.
    • Round-trip through the vineyards with the quaint Viniterra streetcar/vehicle.
Guided tours of Twann
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