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Vineyards, La Neuveville
Vineyards, La Neuveville. © Jura bernois Tourisme
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Changing from green to yellow to red depending on the season, the vines that border Lake Biel captivate by their beauty.

On the shores of Lake Biel, from La Neuveville to Alfermée, the vines decorate the landscape. The contrast between the blue of the lake and the green of the vineyards offers a pleasant view. In the vineyards of Lake Biel, more than 40 grape varieties have found their home. According to a note from the Holy See in 866 A.D., vines have been cultivated on Lake Biel for over 1100 years. The hike along the Vineyard Trail from Biel to La Neuveville offers an interesting look at the work of the winegrowers in the region, with a view of the lake.