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Spot birds of prey in the Bernese Jura

Wildlife watching, birds
Wildlife watching, birds. © Cédric Simmen
  • Place

    • Moutier
  • Recommended Duration

    • 3 h 0

Put your hiking shoes on, take your binocular and discover the various birds in the Bernese Jura.

The varied countryside of the Jura hills, with forests, cliffs and broad meadows, is home to many species of birds of prey. Kites, buzzards, hawks, falcons, sparrow-hawks and even golden eagles live here. They soar silently in the skies without beating their wings. As guests observe birds of prey in their natural environment, they learn about these master-hunters' techniques.


  • Prices per person


    • CHF 35.-
  • AVS, AI, students

    • CHF 25.-
  • Children

    • CHF 17.-
  • Family price (2 adults + 1 child / 2 adults + 2 children / 1 adult + 3 children)

    • CHF 65.-

Good to know

Good to know
    • Languages: French, English
    • Number of participants: 4 - 10
    • Meeting point : Moutier train station (in front of the main entry)

On site

On site
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    • Booking required
    • Custom hours on request
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    • Guided tours
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Spot birds of prey in the Bernese Jura
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