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Truffles at Bonvillars

truffes fraîches
truffes fraîches. © Marche truffes Bonvillars
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The quality of a terroir is measured in particular by the richness of its soil. The one of Bonvillars contains a singular treasure: truffles.

At the right time, the forests of the Yverdon region become the favorite playground for truffle hunters. If he has a fine nose, the "caveur" will certainly identify them, buried at the foot of oaks, beeches or hornbeams. His chances increase considerably by hiring the services of a four-legged expert ...

In honor of the precious nugget, a few enthusiasts created in 2009 the "Marché aux Truffes de Bonvillars". A must do, the event takes place every last Saturday in October at "La Cour", to the delight of a constantly growing audience.

In addition to the sale of fresh truffles, the program offers visitors cooking and research demonstrations with dogs (cavage), as well as contests and tastings of various regional products. The winegrowers and restaurateurs from Nord-Vaud are also involved in the operation.




Truffles at Bonvillars
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