Les Reussilles - la Ferrière

Les Reusilles – La Ferrière

Les Reussilles - la Ferrière
  • Länge

    • 21 km
  • Aufstiege | Abstiege

    • 241 m | 217 m
    Aufstiege | Abstiege
  • Dauer

    • 5 h 0
  • Technisch | Kondition

    • Sportlich | Sehr einfach
    Technisch | Kondition

Abwechslungsreiche und leicht zugängliche Loipe in den Freibergen.

"Setting off from Le Cernil, you can enjoy one of the most typical and pleasant runs in the Franches-Montagnes, if not the entire Jura. There is no need to be an expert cross-country skier here: the course is not too technical and is suitable for all skiers, even beginners. As the route follows the railway line quite closely, you can catch the train back if you get tired. The run from Le Cernil to Les Breuleux, also known as "the Mecca of cross-country skiiing", presents no challenges apart from the crowds that gather there on fine winter Sundays. Early in the morning or at the end of the day, this run is generally deserted... From Les Breuleux, the route becomes a little more athletic, though not difficult, as it passes through a spectacular landscape. There are gentle climbs, steady and safe descents and farms dotted along the run, including the famous Grande Coronelle, a building whose architectural treasures are a match for the small medieval towns of the former diocese of Basle... Soon you will reach La Ferrière, the home of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where tired travellers can catch the train... Those who have some energy left can always try another lap!"


Gut zu wissen

Gut zu wissen
    • Verpflegungsmöglichkeit im Dorf Les Breuleux und in bestimmten Bauerhöfen-Gasthöfen entlang der Loipen. Letztere sind auf der Loipenkarte eingezeichnet.
    • Rückkehr mit den Chemins de Fer du Jura (auch ab Les Breuleux möglich).
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Les Reusilles - La Ferrière
Les Reusilles - La Ferrière