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Gâteau du Vully and gâteau à la crème (Nidelkuchen)

"This must be what heaven on earth feels like! Taking a hearty bite of a juicy piece of Gâteau du Vully from a Vully bakery, I forget everything else around me. While I was in the bakery, I asked for the recipe for the light dough base and its sweet coating. Now to see if I can hammer the sugar cubes into the perfect size using a meat tenderiser. I discovered gâteau à la crème (Nidelkuchen) in Murten itself. Once I had eaten it, I wanted to write down the recipe with my sticky fingers (covered in the wonderfully fine caramelised cream coating). But that proved impossible, as the recipe is a well-kept secret. Never mind: a piece of this cake is always a guilty pleasure!"


Gâteau du Vully: on sale at the bakeries of the Vully. Best known is the version with sugar and cream, but the savoury version with bacon and caraway seeds is also excellent.
Gâteau à la crème (Nidelkuchen): on sale at the bakeries of Murten

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Gâteau du Vully and gâteau à la crème (Nidelkuchen)

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