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Taubenloch Gorge (route No. 80)

"Gauthier, a young miller of Boujean, was in love with the beautiful young lady, Béatrice de Vauffelin. Beatrice was known as "little dove". Back then, the castle of Rondchâtel was under the stronghold of the crooked knight Enguerrand. Gauthier was set to marry Beatrice. On the day of their wedding, Enguerrand ambushed the wedding procession, which was held upstream of the gorge. He killed the groom and attempted to kidnap the bride, not to fall into the hands of the terrible knight, Beatice threw herself into the chasm gliding like a white dove, that is where she disappeared. A short time later, the castle of Rondchâtel was seized and destroyed and knight Enguerrand was killed. In spring, lovers have said to hear the plaintive cries of the beautiful young lady in the gorge."

The legend of the Taubenloch gorges

Route: Biel/Bienne - The Taubenloch Gorge - Frinvillier
Duration of section: 45 min.
Distance: 2.5 km (1.5 miles)
Gradient: 74 m
Access: Get bus 1 or 2 from Biel/Bienne Railway Station (bus stop "Taubenloch"). Return from Frinvillier by foot through the Taubenloch Gorge or get a train to Biel/Bienne.

This hike is regarded as easy, but it is important to wear good walking shoes. The route is not recommended with a pushchair.

Good to know

  • The gorge ist closed from 10 to 14 December 2018.
  • The dates where the waterfall will be in operation are displayed here.
  • This is the only gorge in Europe in the immediate vicinity of a built-up area.
  • Warning: the terrain of the gorge may be slippery in wet weather.
  • Picnic area near the hydroelectric ESB powerstation.

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Taubenloch Gorge (route No. 80)

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