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Lake Path

"Twenty-two degrees, and the magnolias are in blossom. The people walking by already think it's summer. A little cafe on a terrace, a stroll along the shores of the lake. The water is like a mirror, with not a single wave to disturb the surface. A family of ducks tries to get past us, quacking away, and we wouldn't want to hold them up: today, we have time to let time go by. Majestic swans glide over the water and behind them, the countryside unfolds slowly as we make our way forward. Towards midday, we pause in the shade of a lime-tree to sample some fillets of perch, washed down – of course – with a little of the local chasselas wine. The sweet pleasures of another summer that is just beginning..."


Route: Vaumarcus - Bevaix - Auvernier - Neuchâtel - Marin
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 33,9 km (21 miles)
Gradient: approx 50 m



Good to know

  • Lots of beaches to explore.
  • At Hauterive, explore the world of lake life by visiting Laténium (park and archaeology museum).

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