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Swin-Golf, Tschugg

"To celebrate my 22nd birthday, I invited my guests to meet up at Swin Golf course in Tschugg. As newcomers, we were first introduced to the art of the tee shot outside the clubhouse, before being given some time to practice. Then we headed off onto the extensive golf course with the clubs – unlike real golf, we only need one per person. Some of us turned out to be truly talented golfers, whilst other intensify their walking workout by searching for lost balls in the bushes. Two guests have successful attempts at "golf ball fishing" in the pond. This was a great day with lots of activity and fun in the fresh air!"


The movement (swing) is the same as traditional golf. That makes it an ideal exercise for golfers. The rules and the organisation of this sport (tournaments, classification or handicap) are virtually identical but much easier to handle.

Opening Times
From: April to October.

Good to know

  • No previous knowledge is required for Swin-Golf.
  • Suitable for 8 years and above.
  • Rental of equipment at competitive prices.

Jörimätteli 13
3233 Tschugg
T. +41 (0) 32 338 72 75

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