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Europe Tragédie 2018

15.06.2018 – 15.07.2018

As if out of a dream, an immigrant child finds himself on the edge of a forest. He stops for a moment and marvels at the beauty of the clearing. With caution, he advances and discovers placed on the ground a mandala, more precisely a circle on which is drawn Europe.

Immediately, as if by magic, Princess Europe appears on the rump of a white bull, none other than the God Zeus. She advances with the grace of a goddess and addresses the child.

At the sound of a chant, a song or a prayer, Europe speaks of a continent battered by history. Greek warriors get involved. They want to defend this sacred past.

For that, they decide to make appear in the room, their Greek heroes to restore a glorious dimension to this continent.

This introduction of heroes plunges us into a tragi-comedy where everything resurfaces: wars, debates, stakes between ancient Greece and modern Greece.

What is the future of these peoples? A real epic, between myth and reality, a crazy crossing of history that will give a glimpse of a possible hope.

The performances will begin Friday, June 15, 2018 at 5 pm.

The following performances take place on Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday evening at the same time. You can find more information about this in the ticket office.

Thursday evening "family evening", we apply that night a special rate "family":

a paying adult = a free child if the adult takes the show + meal package, the child also has the meal offered.

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