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Myths and legends

"I was given a book by Auguste Quiquerez, "Traditions et légendes du Jura" for Christmas. I was soon absorbed in the stories and was surprised to rediscover places I knew through legends I didn't. The Roc de Courroux, the Grotte Ste-Colombe and Milandre are places I will never be able to look at in the same way again. Whenever it hails, I can't help thinking that angry sorcerers are whipping up the waters of the streams and turning the drops into hailstones."


Every village in the Jura, every corner of the forest and almost every rock is the subject of a legend, a story or an anecdote. These tales are still very much alive and are often told, by the storytellers of Arôme rouge for example. The downloadable PDFs below are examples that bear witness to the wealth of this oral tradition.

Good to know
The book by Auguste Quiquerez, "Traditions et légendes du Jura", is available from éditions Slatkine. It is just one example of the wealth of literature on the subject of legends.


La Vouivre | PDF, 49 kB
Les Echelles de la Mort | PDF, 32 kB
La Dame de Milandre | PDF, 45 kB
La Fille de Mai | PDF, 30 kB
Ste-Colombe | PDF, 32 kB

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