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Grand Tour of Switzerland

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the journey becomes the destination. This 1,600-kilometre journey of discovery leads through four linguistic regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two Biosphere Reserves and along 22 lakes. A tour offering the very best of Switzerland in terms of natural and cultural highlights.

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a somewhat more than 1,600-kilometre touristic route through Switzerland, which includes the country’s most scenic routes and allows visitors to discover a multitude of tourist attractions and destinations both along the route and in its vicinity. The route has been designed for almost all forms of transport, but because of its length and some peripheral locations, it is particularly suitable for visitors in private cars.


Jura stage from Basel to Neuchâtel
Click on the interactive route map to find the Jura highlights along the tour :


Map Grand Tour | PDF, 5.55 MB

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