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"I have always been fascinated by this village, or should I say these villages by the banks of the Doubs. How could history use a river to split a village in two? As a young child, I remember the customs officers with their neat uniforms. The fireworks and festival on July 31 brought the Swiss and French together; with the border open, everyone could cross from one side of the bridge to the other. The festival has always been symbolic for me. My grandmother told me that the Swiss would go to mass in France. There is even an international treaty allowing the "Swiss" inhabitants of Goumois to be buried in France. I also associate the village with fine trout in butter sauce - what a delight!"


The village of Goumois (Switzerland) has a population of 92 and has been part of the borough of Saignelégier since 2009. It is interesting to note that the separation of Goumois dates back to 11 July 1780, when the Prince-Bishop of Basle issued a border treaty ceding the part of the municipality of Franquemont located on the left bank of the Doubs to the French in return for Boncourt, Bure and Damvant.

Good to know

  • Goumois is a well-known site for canoeing, kayaking and fly-fishing.
  • A rocky ledge overhangs the village on the French side, offering a view down into the Doubs Valley.
  • Don't miss: the Rocher du Singe (Monkey Rock) overhanging Goumois and the Vautenaivre Reach (a footpath running along the Doubs 2 km downstream from Goumois).

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