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Balade de Séprais

"We had Manon in the pushchair and Cloé had brought her bike. We set off from the middle of the village, opposite the gallery of Peter Fürst and Liuba Kirova. On our left we soon saw a black noticeboard and a little dog like the one in the César adverts or on whisky bottles. It was bred there on a completely renovated old farm. We made our first stop by the impressive iron bull standing at the crossroads. Then we carried on quietly among the sculptures in the shape of snails, pointed columns, floating hands and paper stalks. A real life-size playground."

Gérard and Babette, Manon and Cloé

The Balade de Séprais is an open-air museum created in 1993, always open, free and accessible all year round.
The route comprises three loops. One route encircles the village of Séprais itself. The second loop is larger and runs along farm tracks across open fields and pastures, descending to the school at Boécourt, one to the right and the other to the left of the main road. The full route is about 3 km long.
This is a living exhibition, which means that it changes over time. New works join the collection of sculptures every year. On the other hand, some of the works designed by their creators to be short-lived - and made of straw, hay, leaves, paper or flowers - disappear to be replaced by new works.

Good to know
The Galerie au Virage in the village of Séprais was founded by the artists Liuba Kirova and Peter Fürst and holds temporary exhibitions all year round.

La Balade de Séprais
Case postale 202
2340 Le Noirmont

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