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Les JuBénales

Logo JuBénales
Logo JuBénales
Bison Ranch
Bison Ranch. © Jura bernois Tourisme
Métairie Jobert
Métairie Jobert. © Jura bernois Tourisme
Scheidegger Ranch, Tramelan
Scheidegger Ranch, Tramelan. © Reto Duriet
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On the occasion of the JuBénales, the festival dedicated to the terroir in the Grand Chasseral, many thematic hikes are proposed, starting from the Bison Ranch.


9 am - 3 pm: Horseback riding to the Métairie de la Jobert, lunch on the spot. With the AREC-JB.

A ride of about fifteen kilometers awaits riders with their own mount in the heart of the Chasseral Park. Accompanied by a member of the association of the equestrian network Chasseral and Bernese Jura, the group will admire the magnificent view of the plateau on the Grange and Solothurn sides. View on the north of Chasseral on the way back from the Jobert. After a welcome coffee-croissant, departure for the horseback ride to the Jobert. Included in the price: coffee/croissants, accompaniment by an AREC-JB guide, the itinerary of the route. Meals and drinks are to be paid directly at the Métairie de la Jobert, (menu at CHF 25.00 : salad, ham, roesti, half meringue with cream).

10 am - 11.30 am: Animation to discover the bees and the honey of the region. With the SAJB.

During this tour, participants will be made aware of the work of bees and their particularities, as well as their importance for our region and its lands. The activity also includes a tasting of the products of the hive. Intended for families.

10 am - 12 pm: Journey around the water. With Karine Cavallaro.

The water cycle, fascinating and above all indispensable on earth. Are your taste buds good enough to compare different waters from our region? Like chemists, you can experiment with some of its formations, from evaporation to rain droplets. Hiking workshop for families.

3 pm - 5 pm: Walk to meet the wild plants. With Claudine Miserez.

During this walk, meet the edible wild plants of our region! We will also discuss their medicinal properties and talk about simple ways to use them, in cooking and to heal small injuries. Quiet pace, easy route, suitable for families.

3 pm - 5 pm: Gourmet walk with tasting of local products and initiation to wine tasting. with Raphaël Willemin (Chiesa Vins).

This hike will honor the local products. During this tour, participants will be able to discover the beauty of the region's landscapes, while enjoying another much appreciated activity, the inevitable aperitif! For adults.

3 pm - 5 pm: Animal discovery workshop. With Karine Cavallaro.

Activity for children only. This exploration in the forest will teach you to master all your senses. What will we discover along the way? It can go from the ant to the chamois. A whole living world that hides or not, let's go in search of their clues and traces.


9.30 am - 12 pm: Basketry initiation workshop. By Karine Cavallaro.

Create something with your hands from scratch. Through the walk, you will collect the plants that weave and assemble. Their colors call for making, you will see which ones are used from the root to the branches, they offer a whole palette of composition. Workshop open to participants from 14 years old.

10 am – 11.30 am: Discovery of the region's cheeses with a blind tasting. By Agnès Spielhofer, O'lait.

Take some time in the morning to taste the cheeses of the region, first without explanations or labels. Then, listen to the explanations and passion of the producer, and learn more about each of them, before taking a bite! Open to families.

10 am - 1 pm: Gourmet bike tour. Accompanied by a guide of the Grand Chasseral.

Enjoy the region's sports, taking a little height on a trail that is nevertheless easily accessible, combined with a tasting of local products. Mountain bikes can be rented for CHF 30 (helmet included), upon prior reservation. Otherwise, come with your own mountain bike. For adults and teenagers only.

2 pm – 3 pm: Digestive walk to discover the gentian. By Elodie Gerber.

Come and discover the mysteries of this emblematic plant of our pastures along a short walk. What does it look like? What are its thousand properties? How to use it? Let's share a glass of friendship in honor of the yellow gentian! Hike for adults only.

2 pm - 4 pm: Hike to discover medicinal plants and tasting of herbal teas. By Mélanie Plüss.

Immerse yourself in the world of plants during a walk. Every day we pass by most of them, but we don't necessarily know that they can do us good. During this walk, we will try to recognize them and learn what their properties are. You will learn how to pick them, which part to take but also how to preserve them. To finish, we will taste several plants in the form of herbal tea. Workshop to be done with the family, children from 8 years old.

2.30 pm – 4.30 pm: Workshop my log cabin and respectful use of wood. By Nicolas Aufran.

Explanations about building with raw logs, respectful use of wood, moon wood, advantages of living in a log house, possibilities to draw a log and demonstration of cutting with a chainsaw. For adults and teenagers from 12 years old.
Included services
Included services
    • Selected theme hike(s)
    • Participation in the Saint-Bison tombola
Opening hours
Opening hours
  • From 10 Jun 2023 to 11 Jun 2023
  • Saturday
    • 09:00 - 17:30
  • Sunday
    • 09:30 - 17:30
Good to know
Good to know
  • Conditions / supplements
    • Reservations are required for each thematic hike. Possibility to book several hikes.
  • Meeting place
    • Bison Ranch, Les Colisses, 2534 Prés-d'Orvin. Access by Evilard - Macolin and Corgémont - Cortébert. The road from Orvin is closed.
  • Language
    • The thematic hikes are conducted in French.
On site
On site
  • Accessibility
    • Suitable for families
Les JuBénales
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