Jura & Three-Lakes to the rhythm of your favourite films

Head out on hikes inspired by your favourite films, offered by Jura & Three-Lakes region.

View of the Doubs, from the Sommêtres area
View of the Doubs, from the Sommêtres area. © Sarah Jaquemet
Forest of Combe Grède
Forest of Combe Grède
The ponds of Bonfol
The ponds of Bonfol. © RegineFoto
Whether you are an adventurer on the quest for a pleasant hike or looking to experience something unconventional with your partner or family, we offer a variety of expeditions inspired by your favourite films.

With our selection of trips, you can discover outstanding natural and cultural sites that bear a striking resemblance to real film sets.

Book online! We have put together the best offers for you to discover these magical places in the Jura & Three-Lakes region.
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Chutzen Tower in Frienisberg

E.T. in Seeland

If they had known, they would have flown Elliott and E.T. here. At the top of Chutzen hill is a wooden tower standing 45 metres high: Chutzen Tower. E.T. could easily “phone home” here! This tour offers specular 360 degree views over the Jura Mountains, Seeland, the Prealps and the Alps. In such a location, you could be sure to see Elliott and E.T. riding their bike in the air...

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Valangin Castle

Harry Potter in Valangin

If they had known, they would have fought the battle of Hogwarts here. Proudly positioned on a rock atop Seyon gorge, Valangin Castle was home to local lords from the mid-twelfth century. Discover ancient magic and the secrets of the past on a medieval tour of the castle, wall-walk and fortifications. Valangin Castle is filled with surprises that will send a shiver down every muggle's spine. This promontory has an air of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone about it...

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If they had known, they would have parked the Into The Wild bus here. Say goodbye to the everyday and take this fascinating route into the Doubs Nature Park. Gaze onto majestic forests and vast pastures, home to ruminants, interspersed with isolated farms and small picturesque villages as far as the eye can see. With its outstanding wilderness, this region is a hikers’ paradise. With the surrounding nature in all of its blazing colours, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped into the scenery from Into The Wild...

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If they had known, they would have carved Obelix’s menhirs here. Get a real taste of the indomitable Gauls from Asterix and Obelix. When works to correct the waters of the Jura (1869-1883) lowered the level of Lake Neuchâtel by 2.7 metres, it revealed 45 statue menhirs, each standing at up to 4.5 metres and weighing up to 5 tonnes. Touch them and these age-old stones will act like a magic potion, sending you 6,000 years back into the past. Those Roman legionaries in Eburodunum had better watch out...

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Cité du Temps

Inception in Biel

If they had known, they would have infiltrated dreams in Inception here. Welcome to the temple of watchmaking, the object of all desire. No, you are not dreaming! In the Cité du Temps, discover and explore the fascinating worlds of the brands OMEGA and Swatch. You may find yourself feeling very vulnerable in the face of such beauty. Although, the place is so well guarded that even Dom Cobb, master dream extractor in Inception, would not be able to get inside or infiltrate your mind...

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If they had known, they would have set off on the Lord of the Rings quest here. The ridges of the Bernese Jura, which have been certified free of Mount Doom, invite you to enjoy fantastic scenic hikes. Traverse steep cliffs, vast meadows, silent forests and wild fauna on this immortal land - all the while finding it hard to shake off the peculiar feeling that you are being watched by the elves and hobbits of the Lord of the Rings...

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Étangs de Bonfol

Dirty Dancing in Bonfol

If they had known, they would have rehearsed the Dirty Dancing choreography here. An idyllic setting for a budding romance. Take a reflective stroll and enjoy a romantic getaway in the magnificent Étangs de Bonfol nature preserve, a haven of greenery. The resemblance to Mountain Lake in Dirty Dancing is uncanny. The perfect setting for those whose hearts beat to the rhythm of nature...

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If they had known, they would have filmed the Jurassic Park attack scene here. Huge trees adorned with sparkling greenery, with warming rays of sunshine peeking through. The similarities between Kauai Forest in Jurassic Park and Combe Grède are striking. However, do not fear, you will not come face to face with a dinosaur at the foot of these wild cliffs. In this lost world, you are more likely to encounter foxes, marmots, chamois and peregrine falcons...

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Gorges of Poëta-Raisse

Indiana Jones in Môtiers

If they had known, they would have looked for Indiana Jones’ Grail here. The Gorges of Poëta-Raisse, with their unspoilt nature and wild fauna, are reminiscent of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in Indiana Jones. From enclosed passageways to cascading waterfalls, passing a spring where the temperature never exceeds 4 degrees no matter the time of year, adventure is guaranteed. You will not be ambushed in this legendary scenery, but it is the perfect setting for the Raiders of the Lost Ark...

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Font beach

Cast Away in Font

If they had known, they would have found the Cast Away beach here. Right at the heart of the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve is Font beach, with its unfamiliar yet alluring setting. Tranquillity and a gentle way of life are guaranteed in this wild but never hostile location. You certainly will not get bored on this wild beach. On the contrary, we would gladly wash ashore here and forget about the world for a while. Like Chuck in Cast Away...

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Offers to discover Jura & Three-Lakes to the rhythm of your favourite films

Enjoy charm and chocolate on an overnight stay in the delightful tiny house in Villeret, at the foot of the Combe Grède.

From CHF 135.- Package, Biel/Bienne

Swatch, Omega, Torino and Ragusa: immerse yourself in the exciting worlds of these famous Swiss brands.

From CHF 95.- Sport & Leisure, Kirchlindach

A moped ride over little-used roads in Biel/Bienne Seeland takes you back to your youth. Pure nostalgia, off the beaten track!

From CHF 100.- Package, Court

Spend a night for two with a wood-fired fondue in the cosy and authentic atmosphere of the Pré-Richard Harzer auberge, on the summits of the Grand Chasseral.

From CHF 12.- Culture & Museums, Môtiers NE

Discover the rich heritage of this mythic beverage.

From CHF 100.- Sport & Leisure, Estavayer-le-Lac

Waterskiing, SUP or windsurfing: with the Fun Pass, enjoy unlimited access to the activities at the Alphasurf water centre on the banks of Lake Neuchâtel.