GASL online MSP Meeting, 14-18 September 2020

From Crisis to Action – Lessons from COVID-19 for Building a Better Future through Sustainable Livestock 

Virtual MSP meeting 14 – 18 September 2020

COVID-19 is a global emerging issue, with crucial short and long-term consequences, and the livestock sector must play its role in contributing to more sustainable, healthy future food systems. With a multi-stakeholder approach, the meeting will present COVID-19’s impacts and assess critical uncertainties, drivers of change and stakeholder responses worldwide to build forward a more sustainable future from the livestock sector.

Global Objective:
Facilitate a global discussion among GASL stakeholders and the wider development community to assess the diversity of opportunities and challenges derived from the COVID-19 pandemic across different regions of the world. Discuss how these can drive the livestock sector to respond towards more sustainable food systems, including an enhanced One Health approach and stronger food security conditions.

The online meeting will consist of a global opening and closing and regional components in different languages that will report their conclusions to the global plenary. The regional components are:

Africa 1 – English Speaking Africa (English)
Africa 2 – French Speaking Africa (French)
Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Russian)
Latin America (Spanish)
Oceania, Europe and North America (English)
Rest of Asia (English)

An organizing committee integrated with the current MSP Task Force Members for the 2021 MSP in Delémont (for the global component) and the regional champions that will develop the regional components and will support the organization of this event.

Programme and Registration Form will be available in due course on
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