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Terraces reopening

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy a coffee in the sun again, to share a drink with friends or to taste some local specialities in the open air! Find below the list of currently open terraces in the Jura & Three-Lakes region.

Lists of open terraces

Open terraces in the Bernese Jura

Open terraces in Biel and Seeland

Open terraces in the Jura

Open terraces in the canton of Neuchâtel

Open terraces in the region of Murten

Food & Drink

Delivery and takeaway services

Many restaurants offer takeaway and/or delivery services. Here is a list of what we know of, by region.


Pasta, salad, fishes, lasagna, tartars,...

Coffee, burgers, salads, trout fillets, vegetarian specialties, menus of the day, fruits and vegetables

Lebanese specialties, sushi, appetizers, kebaps, risottos, tartars,...

Menus of the day, braids, Thai specialties, pizzas, pies,...