10th Multi-stakeholder partnership meeting of the Global agenda for sustainable livestock
Delémont 14-17 SEptember 2020

The Livestock Sector:
Multifunctional and sustainable! At global, regional and national levels!

Due to the exceptional situation concerning Covid-19, the organizing committee was forced to postpone  the 10th MSP meeting of GASL from 15 to 18 June to 14 to 17 September 2020. We kindly ask you to save the new date. The situation has to be reassessed from day to day. A further option is to postpone the meeting to 22 to 26 March 2021. The Global Agenda will confirm the selected dates  by 31 May 2020 on this website and on the website of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.

The 10th annual Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL) Multistakeholder Partnership (MSP) Meeting will be held in Delémont, Switzerland. Presentations, panels, posters, field tours, and discussions through the week will focus on the theme “The Multiple Roles of Livestock in Sustainable Development”.
The 10th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Meeting (GASL MSP 2020) in Delémont will analyse various livestock systems globally and showcase specific features of Swiss, French and European livestock systems to demonstrate their achievements and further potential for sustainable development. With expected attendance of 300 decision makers from governments, international organizations, NGOS, research institutes, social movements and the private sector from up to 50 livestock producing and importing countries, it is a unique opportunity for international leaders working in the sector to ensure their sustainability achievements are visible and their voices are heard at the GASL discussion tables.

In Delémont, the focus will be on the following topics:
Core theme: The Multiple Roles of Livestock in Sustainable Development
Key elements for a sustainable livestock sector at global, European and Swiss levels
Field visits: Cases of successful practice change in the Swiss and French livestock based value chains
Emereging issues: Special focus will be given to the impact of the Corona Virus Pandemic on the livestock sector and on global food security and nutrition
Livestock and culture: the multiple roles of the local horse breed, alpine livestock culture and products
Interaction with farmers from Switzerland and France (field visits and Organic-Livestock Day)

> The multiple roles of the livestock sector in support of sustainable    
development will be introduced with science-based inputs. These inputs will be discussed and validated by the participants.
> In policy fora, essential political frame conditions will be discussed and further developed. Enabling frame conditions considering and fostering the multiple roles of livestock will lead to sustainability in livestock-based value chains.
> The programme will specifically refer to the emerging issue of the Corona Virus Pandemic and will discuss approaches to meet the challenges the pandemic poses to the livestock sector as well as to food security and nutrition at global, regional, national and local levels.
> During targeted field visits in Switzerland and France, examples of best practices and practice change along the entire livestock based value chains will be shown.

Programme and Registration Form will be available soon.
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