Explore Biel and Murten with the family

Ideas for a 48h short break with the family

Family. © Jenn Evelyn Ann
Looking for a weekend family getaway?

Then we've got just what you're looking for! We have put together for you a route for a 48-hour getaway in the Jura & Three-Lakes region, with lots of activities and accommodation options – all great for kids too!

After a pleasant start to the day in Biel, where you can find out all about the watch brands Omega and Swatch in the brand new Cité du Temps museums, you then set off for Frinvillier, which is located at the entrance to the popular Taubenloch Gorge. Take a break at one of the many picnic areas on the way before returning to Biel for a relaxing end to the evening sitting by Lake Biel with a Lago Burger and a local beer while the kids play outside in the garden.

The best way to discover Murten and the region around Lake Murten is on foot and by bicycle. A charming old town with arcades, a beautiful lakeside promenade and lots of bathing spots make this an inviting place to while away the time. And if the weather isn't great, you can visit the Lamberta caves. The kids will love it!

Start the day in Biel

The charming, bilingual town of Biel is situated on the banks of Lake Biel and offers numerous activities for families and kids.

The brand new, interactive Omega and Swatch museums are a highlight for the whole family.

The idyllic Taubenlochschlucht Restaurant is located by a rivulet and marks the entrance to the Taubenloch Gorge. Enjoy a meal here or stop off at one of the many picnic areas in the gorge.

The Taubenloch Gorge trail is one of the most popular excursions for families in our region. Enjoy your hiking adventure!

Stay the night at the Swiss Hostel Lago Lodge on the shore of Lake Biel and round off the day with a delicious burger and a local beer.

Start the day in Murten

Discover the picturesque alleys and stunning lakeside promenade on foot and enjoy a coffee under the arcades en route!

A highlight in Murten is the town wall. It is freely accessible and offers breathtaking views of the lake over the rooftops.

This is a Murten speciality with five layers of cream that you simply must try when you visit.

Explore the Lake Murten area by bicycle and discover the most beautiful spots of the region.

The Lambretta Caves are a paradise playground for children and young explorers.

Good to know

  • Taubenloch Gorge, Biel: If you come by car, we recommend parking at the park & ride car park at Biel railway station. From here, take the train to Frinvillier and then return to Biel on foot and by bus.
  • Murten bike hire
Cité du Temps
Lago Lodge
Rampart Walls
The Nidelkuchen, Murten cream cake
Lake Murten tour by bicycle
The Mont Vully Caves
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