It's summertime!

Our suggestions for enjoying activities in the sun or finding coolness in the Jura & Three-Lakes region!

Hiking in the gorges

Hiking | A hike through the mystical Taubenloch Gorge is a pleasure for the whole family.

Trekking | This easy trail of 5 km between Sainte-Croix and Vuiteboeuf is especially suitable for families.

Hiking | Wide or narrow, bubbling or calm: meet the Areuse.

Hiking | This pleasant hike, accessible to all, follows the stream of Chalière through the forest.

Hiking | The hike from Magglingen over the Twannberg ascent and down to Twann is a popular classic. Spectacular...

Trekking | Between Vallorbe and Orbe, this route of 17 km invites the hiker to the heart of a rich and diversified natural environment for a 4h and 20mn walk.

Hiking | Discovery of the Môtiers waterfall and pretty ascent through the forest in the Poetta-Raisse gorges.


Cycling along the water's edge

Cycling | A very nice, pleasant route along the shores of Lake Neuchâtel offering numerous opportunities to go for a swim in the lake.

Cycling | Ins–Yverdon

Cycling | Discover this magnificent region between the deep-blue lake and the verdant vineyards by bicycle.

Cycling | Biel (Nidau)–Solothurn

Cycling | In the heart of the Grande-Cariçaie nature reserve, listen to the birds singing.

Cycling | Circular hike starting in St-Ursanne

Vélo, VTT | 18-Swingolfholes are around Lake Murten. A lot of shortcuts can be used due to the possibility to take...

Cycling | The green fairy (absinth) floats through the Val de Travers, the Areuse pushes spectacularly through...

Mountain Bike | A ride from Montfaucon via the Clos du Doubs.

Cycling | In Seeland, rows of vegetables in all shades of green stand in black soil, ducks and coots bob up and...

Enjoying the lakes, refreshing yourself in the mines, discovering mountain restaurants.

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bord du lac Neuchâtel

Hiking in the forest, canoeing on the River Doubs.

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