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Taubenloch gorge

Taubenloch Gorge
Taubenloch Gorge. © Tourismus Biel Seeland | Stefan Weber
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    • Biel/Bienne

The wild and romantic scenery makes the only gorge in Europe located in the immediate vicinity of a town a unique destination for an excursion.

According to legend, the young miller of Bözingen once loved a girl so beautiful and lovely that everyone called her the little turtledove (La petite Colombe). The cruel knight Ingelram of Rondchâtel Castle was aware of the girl's beauty and he had his eye on her as well. The day the miller wanted to marry the girl, the knight attacked the wedding party and killed the groom. Thereupon the girl threw herself into the gorge to avoid falling into the hands of the knight. In her honour, the gorge was henceforth called Taubenloch or Gorges de la petite Colombe.

Even those who have never heard of the legend can feel the mystical atmosphere that prevails in this gorge. You can reach the animal park via a small bridge and extend the hike up to Biel's local mountain, the Bözingenberg, where a breathtaking view over the Three Lakes region and the Bernese Alps awaits you.

Good to know

Good to know
    • The gorge is open.
    • The Restaurant des Gorges at the upper entrance to the gorge in Frinvillier offers its guests an ample choice of culinary delights, while the idyllic location on the riverbank invites to linger and relax.
    • On the Bözingenberg, chef Roland Kilian and his team conjure up modern versions of regional dishes, and on the terrace, impressive panoramic views can be enjoyed.



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Taubenloch gorge
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