3-lakes-cruise: Murten - Biel

BSG Schifffahrt
BSG Schifffahrt
  • Place

    • Murten
  • Recommended Duration

    • 30 Minutes

From Murten to Biel in just over 4 hours! Enjoy the boat trip along the vineyards, through two canals and with a view into the mountains!

Attention: from 28.08. the wearing of a mask is obligatory!

The first part of the boat trip from Murten to Biel is identical to the boat trip to Neuchâtel. However, the Zihl Canal is then headed for before continuing on into Lake Biel. Past idyllic villages such as Le Landeron, Erlach and La Neuveville, to St.Petersinsel and to the final spurt the journey continues via Ligerz and Twann to Biel. The adventurous can then take the same route back to Murten. For those who prefer to get back faster, there are convenient connections by public transport. From Biel/Bienne you can also continue on to Solothurn. Did you know that the journey from Murten to Solothurn (and vice versa) is the longest navigable waterway in Switzerland?



Good to know

Good to know
    • The Bielersee Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft AG provides access to the longest navigable waterway in Switzerland. The shipping areas are the Aare from Solothurn to Biel or vice versa, the Lake Biel round trip and the Three Lakes trip from Biel to Murten. A new addition to the timetable is a direct service from Biel/Bienne to Neuchâtel every Sunday morning. In addition to scheduled boat trips, the BSG offers numerous events and attractive offers for boat hire.
    • The Bielersee-Gastro spoils its guests with a balanced gastronomic offer.
    • Ships
    • The BSG fleet comprises nine ships with a capacity of 60 to 700 people. The extraordinary ship EMS MobiCat, the largest solar catamaran in Switzerland, is powered by solar energy and used for themed trips. All ships can be rented by companies and private individuals for seminars, workshops or celebrations.
    • Timetable
    • The BSG runs the Bielersee tour and the three-lake trip from April to October. The Aare is used from May to October. In November and March, the BSG drives the three-lake trip and round trips on Lake Biel on Sundays.
    • Employees
    • The Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft employs around 30 people. In the summer, the team is supplemented by part-time employees, who mainly work as light sailors and sailors on the ships.
    • History
    • The steamship company Union was founded in 1887, which was converted into the Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft in 1966. In 2012 the Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft celebrated its 125th anniversary.
    • Gastro
    • The Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft offers a balanced gastronomic offer on all ships. The restaurant is operated by the subsidiary Bielersee-Gastro AG. In summer, up to 90 employees work on the eight ships and in the Joran restaurant.


3-lakes-cruise: Murten - Biel
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