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Enigmatic Escape Game

Enigmatic Escape Game
Enigmatic Escape Game. © Enigmatic Escape Game
  • Place

    • Bonfol
  • Recommended Duration

    • 1 h 0

ENIGMATIC is the name of an escape game for all ages!

A place, a mysterious story, a team and multiple puzzles to solve... all in less than an hour!
Try your luck...
Join family, friends or colleagues and challenge your logic and your knowledge in order to escape the room in less than an hour!! You’ll need keen eyes, logical thinking skills and imagination.

A group consists of 2 to 6 people

Room 1: La FIOLE (the FLASK)

But who is that? Who is this strange figure that frightens people?
A wise man? A mad scientist?
Is he behind a mysterious substance that turns the world upside down?
Are you capable of solving his outlandish puzzles? Of course, he sensed that you would come. No, he knew it!
Try to find this flask and escape with it...
You’ll have 60 minutes and not one minute more!


  • Prices:

    2 people (price per person)

    • CHF 40.-
  • 3 people (price per person)

    • CHF 35.-
  • 4 people (price per person)

    • CHF 30.-
  • 5-6 people (price per person)

    • CHF 25.-

On site

On site
  • Accessibility

    • Custom hours on request
    • Wheelchair accessible
  • Services

    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Picnic area available



Good to know

Good to know

Advance reservations required!!!

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Enigmatic Escape Game
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