Water sports

Swimming in the river Aare

Swimming in the Aar
Swimming in the Aar. © Solothurn Tourismus, Tino Zurbrügg

    Take a leisurely swim in the River Aare from Solothurn’s outdoor swimming pool through the most beautiful Baroque town in Switzerland.

    The following entrances and exits are suitable for bathing in the Aare:

    - Freibad Solothurn
    - Landi Steg Solothurn

    - Regio Energie
    - Landhaus

    When the weather’s good, people let themselves be carried along by the Aare’s gentle current. If you get out of the water at Steg Regio Energie, you can pay a visit to Solheure, where a drink awaits all thirsty swimmers.

    Good to know

    Good to know
      • Please take care: turbid water, strong currents or a too late exit can cause swimming in distress.
      • Please take care of the bathing rules.
      • Bathing in the Aare at your own risk!
    Swimming in the river Aare
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